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Gold Foundation organises regular social events where young people with Asperger Syndrome and their families can come together and socialise in a relaxed and fun environment.

These events are for the whole family and have included going to a water park, laser skirmish, mini golf, movies, bowling, activity centres, Christmas parties and more!

Come and join us at our next event—it’ll be a great way to connect, grow confidence, become more involved in the Asperger’s community, meet other people on similar paths and enjoy a day out.

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Gold Foundation facilitates education seminars for parents, carers and families who have children diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.

Delivered by professional presenters, these seminars are informative, dispelling myths and shining a light through the murk by answering frequently asked questions and addressing other key topics.

Our aim is to provide support not only for those diagnosed with Asperger’s, but for their families too—it’s about providing education and imparting knowledge, skills and techniques to assist in overcoming the challenges faced by those with Asperger’s.

Our seminars are also a fantastic opportunity to meet and mingle with other families on similar journeys, allowing you to create valuable contacts and long-term, meaningful relationships.

“Let’s get practical and explore achievable ideas, increasingly seen in ‘good’ schools, to build the functioning and wellbeing of kids on the spectrum. What makes kids with ASD so interesting and tricky to support, is that their personalities, patterns of behaviours and issues vary widely—a ‘one size fits all’ approach just doesn’t exist!

There’s not a ‘typical treatment’ for kids with Asperger Syndrome that will guarantee great outcomes every time. To make school work for our kids, educators have to learn how they ‘tick’, and that takes commitment to building a relationship with them. When this happens, clever educators can start to capitalise on strengths and gradually steer intrinsic problematic behaviours in more productive directions.

As we hone our understandings and management options around our kids with Asperger Syndrome, we develop exceptional practices that allow schools—and communities—to become better places for everyone” – Mark Le Messurier

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