Gold Foundation Christmas Fundraiser

Dear Gold Foundation families,

The Gold Foundation has just moved into its new, exciting centre at 7 Carlisle Street, Camden Park and is now actively fundraising for exciting programs for young people with ASD. The Gold Foundation relies significantly on donations to operate, so even a donation of $10 will go a long way to connecting young people with Autism to the world around them!

This is a charity I have been a part of since its inception and truly believe in its cause, as I’ve seen firsthand the positive effects on hundreds of children across SA. We have now grown to service over 600 kids, all with their own unique stories and journeys, so every dollar counts in assisting them to live full and engaging lives and actively participate in the community.

You can donate using the link below. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible:

Connor Pangallo
Assistant to the General Manager

The Gold Foundation

Donate today to support the work of Gold Foundation. Your donation will help young autistic people to discover their unique abilities.

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