Xmas Baubles Fundraiser

Hi Everyone!

Handcrafted Xmas baubles imported from Poland are now for sale at the Gold Foundation! Perfect as an Xmas gift for family or friends, or to brighten up your own tree this festive season!

$5 for 1 bauble or $15 for a pack of 4

Baubles can be purchased at our Xmas Party on December 12th, or simply visit us at Gold Foundation Monday or Thursday between 10-6pm until Christmas Day

You get to select which baubles you’d like from OUR Xmas Tree to take to YOUR Xmas Tree!

All proceeds will help us to continue supporting young people grow, connect, and build friendships and meaningful social connections.

Please contact info@goldfoundation.com.au or 0455 888 154 for enquiries.

Gold Foundation Team

Donate today to support the work of Gold Foundation. Your donation will help young autistic people to discover their unique abilities.

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