In collaboration with Creative Therapy Adelaide Gold Foundation is very excited to announce ‘Express Yourself’, a creative arts and social skills program for children aged 5-8, beginning in Term 3.

Facilitated by a Registered Music Therapist (RMT), and supervised by a Drama Therapist, your child will have fun, make music, interact with others and learn some social skills along the way. Through playful music and drama-based activities, children will have opportunities to explore and practice social and problem-solving skills to support their success in navigating challenging situations.

Children will engage with the other children in the group, taking turns, exploring ideas, expressing their musicality, using their collective imaginations and learning to work as a team. Skills developed through this program include:

● Turn Taking and Sharing Skills
● Communication Skills
● Emotional Awareness and Attunement Skills
● Environmental and Community Awareness
● Wellbeing

To register your interest for this exciting new program please contact us at or 0455 888 154.

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