What’s the Buzz? 9 – 12

For 9 – 12 years old’s with High Functioning Autism / Autism

What’s the Buzz? Is a unique social thinking program that encourages children with ASD to think about how to get along with others and explore the benefits of developing new social skills.  The aim is for your son or daughter to build on to their social and emotional thinking. This will take place within a small group.  The program will be delivered through direct teaching, role-play, quizzes and fun in the context of an encouraging group.

Held at Gold Foundation in Unley in an ASD aware space & targeted towards the needs of the group.

Program Details

Length: 16 week program (8 per term)
Age Group: 9-11 years
Day & Time: Wednesday 6.00-7.00pm
Cost: $320
Start: 21 February 2018

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