Social Skills

Gold Foundation delivers the evidence-based ‘What’s The Buzz?’ social skills program.

What’s the Buzz is a highly structured, role-play and play-based social skills enrichment program for primary-aged students designed to teach young autistic people how to think socially and how to get along with others. Gold Foundation runs What’s The Buzz for ages 5-8, 9-11 & 12-15.

Social Groups

Gold Foundation runs several social groups designed to foster social development in a relaxed and fun environment, where our young autistic people can be social together, forge lasting friendships, develop social skills and connect with others their age.

Life Skills

Programs where young autistic people learn useful skills that foster personal development, and build independence and confidence to take on the world.

Go For Gold

Programs designed to assist young autistic people to find meaningful employment or education pathways to university.

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