What’s The Buzz? (ages 12-15)

2024 Program Details

Dates and Time

TBC August 2024


Gold Foundation, 9-11 Carlisle St, Camden Park, SA, 5038


$990 for the full 16-week program

Enquiries or enrolments

Contact info@goldfoundation.com.au or 0455 888 154

‘What’s the Buzz?’ (for ages 12-15) is a 16-week social skills enrichment program for 12-15 year olds on the Autism Spectrum that encourages children to think about how to get along with others and explore the benefits of developing new social skills.

This highly structured, role-play and play-based program is designed to teach children how to think socially and make friendship work. It connects young people and offers them the skills to belong.

What’s the Buzz? is delivered through direct teaching, role-play, quizzes and fun in the context of an encouraging group, and lead by skilled facilitators.

The lesson schedule is presented below:

  • Lesson 1; The ins and outs of friendships
  • Lesson 2; What is a friend?
  • Lesson 3; Switching on positivity
  • Lesson 4; Wellbeing and social media
  • Lesson 5; Empathy
  • Lesson 6; Resilience
  • Lesson 7; Dealing with disappointment (loss and grief)
  • Lesson 8; Handling anxiety
  • Lesson 9; Responding to dominating behaviours
  • Lesson 10; Being hurt, trolled or abused online
  • Lesson 11; Maintaining relationships; feedback and compliments
  • Lesson 12; Effective Listening
  • Lesson 13; Competition, winning and losing
  • Lesson 14; Charity; acts of kindness
  • Lesson 15; Perseverance
  • Lesson 16; Self-identity

You can find more information on the content of the program here

If you are interested in this program, please contact info@goldfoundation.com.au or 0455 888 154.

What’s the Buzz? is written by Mark LeMessurier & Madhavi Nawana Parker.

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