Connor Pangallo

Community Manager

Connor was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in early 2006 and was the inspiration that led to the creation of Gold Foundation after his mother Angie Pangallo was told at the time of diagnosis that there are ‘no programs’ available and ‘no parent support group or dedicated centre’ with a closing remark that ‘he would have limited success in his life, so don’t expect too much. He probably won’t even finish school’. This comment led Angie to create what we now know as Gold Foundation.

Today that little boy (Connor) who inspired the inception of the Gold Foundation is 22 years old and is studying a double degree in Law/International Business at Flinders University after achieving an ATAR of 99.8. He was dux of 2017 at Mercedes College and now working part time here at Gold Foundation as an Programs & Fundraising Assistant.

Connor is proud to be the keynote speaker at all Gold Foundation events in front of hundreds of people and now mentors the young children who are just starting their programs at the Centre.