Erila Besho

Program Facilitator

My name is Erila Besho. I have recently completed my Masters Degree in Social Work. I have also a bachelor degree in Political Science, studied in my home country Albania. I have lived in Italy for three years, with my husband Denis, before we decided to come to Australia.

Apart from studying, I have also worked at David Jones ACP as a sales professional and at Gold Foundation as a Facilitator. My biggest dream is to become an amazing Social Worker and develop strategies and social policies for people in need. Gold Foundation has been a great experience for me and I have loved being part of the team since the first time I joined. I was impressed by the positive vibes, energy, smiles and fun we have here. It is amazing how we not only help the children develop social skills but also learn a lot from them. It is a win-win opportunity I would say!!

It feels great seeing the Gold Foundation growing every day and becoming such an amazing support for children and young people with Asperger’s and even parents. Gold Foundation is a great “pit stop” to refill your soul with positiveness, knowledge, optimism and why not, a great place to bake a delicious cake with your mates as well 🙂